Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft Project Server 2013

Planning, Deploying and Managing Microsoft Project Server 2013This training book is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively plan, deploy and administer Microsoft Project Server 2013.


This training book is intended for Administrators, Systems Engineers, PMO Managers, Project Managers, Consultants and other people responsible for the deployment and management of a Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management (PPM) Solution using Project Server 2013.


Module 1: Overview of Project Server 2013
Lesson 1: What’s New in Project Server 2013?
Lesson 2: Understanding Project Server 2013 Architecture
Lesson 3: Understanding Physical Configurations
Lesson 4: System Requirements

Module 2: Installing and Configuring Prerequisites
Lesson 1: Creating Service Accounts
Lesson 2: Configuring SQL Server
Lesson 3: Installing SharePoint Software Prerequisites

Module 3: Deploying and Configuring SharePoint 2013
Lesson 1: Installing SharePoint and Project Server Software
Lesson 2: Configuring SharePoint Server 2013
Lesson 3: Deploying Project Web App

Module 4: Configuring Project Server Clients
Lesson 1: Configuring Project Professional 2013
Lesson 2: Using Project Web App in a Web Browser

Module 5: Configuring Project Server
Lesson 1: Configuring Time and Task Management Settings
Lesson 2: Configuring Operational Policies
Lesson 3: Importing Resources and Project Plans

Module 6: Managing Project Server Security
Lesson 1: Overview of Project Server Security
Lesson 2: SharePoint Security Permissions
Lesson 3: Project Server Security Permissions
Lesson 4: Creating Project Server Security Entities

Module 7: Configuring Enterprise Data Settings
Lesson 1: Configuring Enterprise Custom Fields
Lesson 2: Configuring Enterprise Objects

Module 8: Configuring Business Intelligence Center
Lesson 1: Configuring Project Web App Reporting
Lesson 2: Configuring OLAP Cubes for Project Web App

Module 9: Customizing Project Sites
Lesson 1: Working with Project Sites and Elements
Lesson 2: Creating a Custom Project Site Template

Module 10: Project Server Administration
Lesson 1: Working with Administration Tools
Lesson 2: Managing Queue Jobs and Enterprise Objects
Lesson 3: Project Server Disaster Recovery


After completing this training book, you will be able to:
• Plan a Microsoft PPM deployment.
• Configure SQL Server for SharePoint/Project Server 2013.
• Deploy SharePoint and Project Server 2013.
• Install and configure Project Server client software.
• Create enterprise custom fields.
• Configure and manage views and security.
• Configure and manage time and task management settings.
• Customize project sites.
• Import projects and resources.
• Work with Project Server Administration Tools.
• Backup and Restore Project Server 2013.


You should have a working knowledge of the following:
• Microsoft Windows Server 20xx networking.
• Microsoft Project Professional.
• Basic project management concepts.