Managing Projects with Microsoft Project Desktop

Project Desktop Cover

The goal of this training book is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to effectively manage projects using Microsoft Project Desktop (2010, 2013 & 2016).


This training book is intended for Project Managers, Project Schedulers, Managers, Supervisors, Team Leads and other people responsible for managing projects. These individuals are involved in or responsible for scheduling, estimating, coordinating, controlling, budgeting and staffing of projects and supporting other users of Microsoft Project.


Module 1: Overview of Microsoft Project
Lesson 1: What’s New in Project?
Lesson 2: Backstage Area
Lesson 3: The Ribbon
Lesson 4: Project Views

Module 2: Configure Project Settings
Lesson 1: Configuring Display and Schedule Settings
Lesson 2: Creating and Configuring Calendars
Lesson 3: Creating and Saving a Project Schedule
Lesson 4: Scheduling Types

Module 3: Working with Tasks
Lesson 1: Managing Tasks and the WBS
Lesson 2: Working with Task Dependencies
Lesson 3: Working with Constraints
Lesson 4: Advanced Task Features

Module 4: Working with Resources
Lesson 1: Resource Types
Lesson 2: Creating Resources

Module 5: Assigning and Leveling Work Resources
Lesson 1: Working with Resource Assignments
Lesson 2: Factors that Affect Assignments
Lesson 3: Viewing Resource Assignments
Lesson 4: Resolving Resource Allocations

Module 6: Finalizing the Project Schedule
Lesson 1: Understanding the Critical Path Method
Lesson 2: Working with Groups, Filters and Highlights
Lesson 3: Setting the Project Baseline

Module 7: Tracking and Updating Project Schedules
Lesson 1: Overview of Tracking the Project Schedule
Lesson 2: Tracking Project Progress
Lesson 3: Updating Project Progress

Module 8: Working with Advanced Features
Lesson 1: Linking Multiple Project Schedules
Lesson 2: Working with Master and Subprojects
Lesson 3: Working with Resource Pools
Lesson 4: Integrating with Microsoft Excel and SharePoint


After completing this training book, you will be able to:
• Understand the new user interface of Microsoft Project.
• Initialize Microsoft Project settings.
• Create a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS).
• Create task relationships in a project schedule.
• Configure advanced task information.
• Use the Task Inspector.
• Create and manage resources.
• Assign and level work resources.
• Review and finalize the project schedule.
• Track and update project schedules.
• Manage multiple projects and resource pools.


You should have a working knowledge of the following:
• Microsoft Windows Server 20xx networking.
• Basic project management concepts.


In order to complete the hands-on practices in this course you will require the following software:
• Microsoft Project Standard or Microsoft Project Professional • Any version between 2010 – 2016
• Microsoft Excel • Any version between 2010 – 2016