SOLVED: The Case of the Missing Import Resources Wizard and Import Projects Wizard

What happened to the Project Import Wizard? (PART 2)

I do a fair bit of testing and demonstrations , whether it be Project Desktop, Project Online or Dynamics 365 PSA, but this week I was absolutely dumb-founded when I was attempting to demonstrate importing resources from an MPP file into Project Online using the Import Resources Wizard feature in Project Desktop.



It wiped out everything



Oh My God, here we go again…

So what was causing the problem this time?


I decided to open another MPP file that I use in my boot camp practice exercises and thought I would try the Import Projects Wizard.





Same results!

What made things worse, was that there was no real reason for this to be happening.

I had the latest build



I knew that the Import Wizards worked before.

In fact, I downloaded a trial on another machine and it worked with no problems with either resources or projects.

So there had to be something on my machine that was interfering when I used the wizards.


Then it dawned on me,

File –> Options –> Add-ins –> Go





At first, I cleared both checkboxes, clicked OK and tried the import wizard again.

Same result!


Then I tried to remove the COM Add-ins and I received the following error:



Then I remembered that when I used Dynamics 365 PSA, I had the option to install an Add-In for Project Desktop.


So I went to the Control Panel –> Programs and Features and I uninstalled the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Project Service Automation Add-in for Microsoft Project



Guess what?

It worked!!



So it appears that the Dynamics 365 PSA Add-In breaks the Import Wizard feature in Project Online Desktop Client.

Hope this helps someone else!

Rolly Perreaux, PMP, MCSE, MCT is a Business Solutions Architect / Founder for PMO Logistics You can view his complete bio at:

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