Exercise 8: Sharing the Power BI Dashboard and Testing

How to Create a Project Online Power BI Center (cont.)

In this exercise you will start a new private mode and sign in as a member of the Executive Group and attempt to access the Power BI Center site and Portfolio Report page. As the executive, you will need to sign up for a free Power BI account and then upgrade the account to a Power BI Pro account. During this exercise, as the Administrator, you will need to share your Power BI dashboard with security groups and users.

1. Start a new Private Mode session in your web browser and go to: https://<tenant>.sharepoint.com/sites/powerbi.

2. Sign in as a member of Executive Grp.

3. On the Power BI Center Home page, click on the Power BI Portfolio Reports panel.

4. On the Portfolio Report page, the Executive receives the following message:


This is because he does not have a Power BI Pro account. Only users with Pro accounts can view the Power BI report content.

5. Click on the Learn more about Power BI link.

This will open a new tab.

6. On Power BI page, in the top right corner, click Sign up free.

7. On the Getting started… page, scroll down the page and under Cloud collaboration and sharing, click Try Free >.

8. In the Get started box, type the email address you are signing up with, and then click Sign up.

NOTE: You must you use a work, or school, email address to sign up. Email addresses such as outlook.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com and others are not allowed.


In the You have an account with us box, click Sign in.

9. In the Almost there box, click Start.

10. In the Invite more people box, click Skip.

11. You will then be taken to https://app.powerbi.com and you can begin using Power BI as a free user.

However, we require Power BI Pro to view the Portfolio Report on the SharePoint site.

12. On the Power BI page, in the navigation menu, click Workspaces and then click Create app workspace.


13. In the Upgrade to Power BI Pro window, click Try Pro for free and then click Start trial.

14. In the Success! Trial extended window, click Close.

15. Switch over to the Portfolio Report tab and refresh the web page.

The Power BI web part checks permissions


16. On the Portfolio Report page, the Executive receives the following message:


This is because he has not been assigned permission to view the Power BI report content from the owner of the report.

17. Switch back to the web browser where you are signed in as the Office 365 Global administrator and select the Power BI Pro tab.

18. On the Power BI page, under My Workspace > Dashboards, click the ellipse () and then click Share.


19. In the Share dashboard pane, in the Grant access to box, type Executives Grp, Business Analysts Grp and Beth Quinlan.

20. Clear the check boxes, Allow recipients to share your dashboard and Send email notifications to recipients, then click Share, as shown below:


NOTE: In this example we are sharing the dashboard because it also includes data from the Portfolio Dashboard report.

21. Switch back to the web browser where you are signed in as the Executive on the Power BI Center site.

22. Refresh the Portfolio Report page.

After checking permission, the Power BI web part displays the report content.




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