Exercise 6: Modifying the Power BI Center Home Page

How to Create a Project Online Power BI Center (cont.)

In this exercise you will modify the Power BI Center home page by editing the content and link of one of the panels.

1. At the top of the page, from the menu, click Home.

2. On the right side of the Home page, click Edit.


3. Click on Learn more about your Communication site and then click Edit details icon.


4. In the Hero side pane, under Link, click Change.

5. In the Recent items pane, click on Portfolio Report and click Open.

6. In the Hero side pane, in the Title box, type Power BI Portfolio Reports.

7. Close the Hero side pane.

Continue to make any edits to the page as necessary.

8. To make changes to the web part layout, click on the Edit web part icon.


9. In the Hero side pane, you can test the different layout options that suit your needs. When finished, close the Hero side pane.

NOTE: Any changes are automatically applied, but remember they are not published yet.

9. At the top left side of the Home page, click Save and close.

10. At the top right side of the Home page, click Publish.



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