Exercise 5: Adding Power BI Reports to a SharePoint Page

How to Create a Project Online Power BI Center (cont.)

In this exercise you will create a new SharePoint page to be used to host a Power BI report. You will also add the Power BI web part to the page and embed the link provided from Power BI Pro.

1. Switch to the Power BI Center page, and from the menu, click Pages.


2. On the Site Pages page, from the menu bar, click New and click Site Page.


3. On the Share your ideas pane, click Not Now.

4. Click on Name your page and type Portfolio Report.

5. In the left top corner, as shown below, click the X to remove the banner image.

6. Then click the plus sign (+) and in the Search box, type Power BI and then click on Power BI.


The Power BI web app is added to the page.


7. Switch to the Power BI web page, expand My Workspace and under Reports, click on Microsoft Project Online.

8. Ensure that the Portfolio Dashboard report is selected from the bottom tab.

9. Then from the menu, click File –> Embed in SharePoint Online.


10. In the Embed link for SharePoint pane, copy the link that is displayed and then click Close.


11. Switch tabs to the Portfolio Report page, in the Power BI web app, click Add report.

12. In the Power BI side pane, in the Power BI report link box, paste the copied link from Power BI, in the Page name list, select Portfolio Dashboard.

Notice at the bottom of the Power BI web app, all the Power BI reports are listed.

13. Turn off Show Navigation Pane.


Now only the Portfolio Dashboard report is displayed.

14. At the top of the Portfolio Report page, click Save and close.

15. Notice at the top right of the page, it displays Draft saved <date> and a Publish button.

No one will be able to view this page until it is published and shared.


16. Click on Publish.



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