Exercise 2: Signing Up for a Power BI Account

How to Create a Project Online Power BI Center (cont.)

In this exercise, you will sign up for a free Power BI account. If you already have a Power BI account skip forward to Exercise 3.

1. Open a new tab on your web browser and go to http://powerbi.com.

2. From the Microsoft Power BI web page, click on either Start Free OR Sign up free.


3. On the Getting Started web page, scroll down to under the Power BI section and click Try Free >.


4. Type the email address you are signing up with, and then click Sign up.

NOTE: You must you use a work, or school, email address to sign up. Email addresses such as outlook.com, hotmail.com, gmail.com and others are not allowed


5. You will get a message indicating to check your email. Click on the link in the email validate your email account and complete the instructions from the web page.


However, if you are already using a Microsoft service, such Office 365, you will instead receive a message to Sign in. Sign in with your account and complete the instructions from the web page.


6. After signing in, agree to the terms and conditions by clicking Start.


7. You will then be taken to https://app.powerbi.com and you can begin using Power BI as a free user.



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