Understanding Language Options in SharePoint / Project Server 2016

With the recent announcement of the Release to Manufacturing (RTM) of SharePoint/Project Server 2016 there have been many changes in both products. But one of the most significant changes in Project Server 2016 is that it is no longer a separate installation process, as it now runs as a service application only in SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise edition. Please note you will require an activation key in order to enable Project Server 2016.

So now that Project Server no longer has a traditional installation, what happens to all the language options for my deployment of Project Server 2016? Well like everything these days, there is good news and bad news:

Good News: There is only one installation point with SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise edition

Bad News: Not all Language Packs in SharePoint 2016 automatically port over to Project Sever 2016.

Base Installation Languages

This is the language of the User Interface (UI) for the installation, configuration and management of SharePoint Server 2016. For example, the graphic image below is from the Microsoft Download site and the Setup splash screen in German.

Language Packs

They enable the creation of sites and site collections in different / multiple languages without requiring a separate installation of SharePoint 2016. However, not all SharePoint 2016 Language Packs will automatically match languages in Project Server 2016.

The table listed below details which languages will automatically match and which languages will be provided with an alternative language. As you can see there’s a language correlation between the base installation language and the language packs. (except for the Thai language)

For Example:

You install the French base installation of SharePoint Server 2016 Enterprise and then install the language pack for Catalan. If you created a SharePoint site it would be available in French and Catalan.

However, if you would create a Project Server 2016 site, that site would be in French and Spanish (as the alternative language) as there is no Catalan language for Project Server 2016.

Good Luck on your deployments !

Rolly Perreaux, PMP, MCSE, MCT is a Business Solutions Architect / Founder for PMO Logistics You can view his complete bio at: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rollyperreaux/

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