Resource Links to Prepare for MS Exam 70-348

Microsoft Certification Exam
70-348: Managing Projects and Portfolios with Microsoft PPM

The following list of resource links will help prepare you for the 70-348 exam that is based on:

• Microsoft Project Online
• Microsoft Project Server 2016
• Microsoft Project 2016

Please note:
Most of the resource links are articles based on Project 2013 / Project Server 2013. I would strongly encourage you to read our blog article:

Exam Prep – MS Exam 70-348: Managing Projects and Portfolios with Microsoft PPM

as it goes into a detailed comparisons on the current objective domain for MS Exam 70-348 against the following 2013 exams:

MS Exam 74-343: Managing Projects with Project 2013
MS Exam 74-344: Managing Programs and Projects with Project Server 2013

INSIGHT: If you have passed the 2013 exams, chances are very good you can also pass MS Exam 70-348 .

 resource links

Project portfolio management solutions guide (white paper)

Aligning projects with strategic drivers (Project Server 2013)

Create a sample Project Web App workflow

Plan for performance and capacity in Project Server 2013

Plan user access in Project Server 2013

Plan for Project Server 2013 deployment

Task mode settings (Project Server 2013 settings)

Add SharePoint task list data to Project Server 2013

Timesheet and statusing

Configure reporting for Project Web App (Project Server 2013)

Enterprise custom fields and lookup tables in Project Web App

Managing issues, risks, and documents in Project Web App

Create a new project from another project or template

Create subtasks and summary tasks

Link projects to create a master project

Enter costs for resources

Assign people to work on tasks

Enter rate-based costs for people and materials

Set and save a baseline

Overview: Track your time and task progress

FAQ: Resource engagements are replacing the old resource plans

Overview: Resource engagements

Resource Engagements—coming soon to Project 2016

Activate resource engagements in Project Online

Request a resource’s time

Accept or reject an engagement request

Add a resource to Project Web App

Evaluate resource capacity

Export project data to Excel

Copy reports, calendars, and views using the Organizer

What reporting tools can I use with project data?

Use Excel to create a new Project Online report

Change a project’s template

Add an issue to a project

Add a risk to a project

View a project document

Project Online content pack for Power BI

Explore and Monitor your Project Online data in Power BI

Pin a tile to a Power BI dashboard from a report

Ask questions of your data using natural language

* Project help (Project Online & Project 2016)

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